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Stephane Kristol

Stéphane Kristol, born in 1988 in Le Mans, France: "For me, art is an elegant way to express what you think through an object, and it is also to dream. It is not only a message, but also a withdrawal from the public. I feel very connected to sculpture. I need volume, I need touch, I need to be able to revise. I like curves and oscillations that I would never find in two dimensions. I have the impression that there is more sensitivity and presence in the sculpture. I have always been fascinated by the "TIGER", it is an animal of great elegance with a strong character and an astonishing charisma. Aesthetics are very important to me, and that's why the tiger fits perfectly into my universe. So if I anthropomorphize an animal to draw attention to the equality of that species, then that message will become more meaningful in our society through the physical and the aesthetic.

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My universe revolves around equality between human beings and animals, but not only! In my universe there is a tiger with a barrel that denounces pollution. Or a seated tiger talking about reflection, about the questions we ask ourselves on a daily basis. Another tiger with suitcases representing departure and change. There is also a tiger with wings on a book, which can be considered the Bible or the book of truth to expose lies. A sculpture representing a tiger father and his son intended to represent the future of a better world. He's a so-called spokesperson. The tiger, which I called Paschat, which defends the extinction of certain animal species and which also speaks of equality. It talks about the problems we face in today's world, in our society, but remains positive through a playful and colorful universe. I don't think I will help change this world with my art, but maybe with my playful side I can make people react, send a message and make the younger generation aware that our system is going the wrong way. . And if the older ones also understand the message, that's even better."

EXHIBITION Lille Art Up 2022

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