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Contemporary painter, Arnaud JOURNOU was born in 1981 in Brittany from a family open to the world, itself from Italy and Poland. JOURNOU has been attracted to graphic art since his early childhood. As a young draftsman, at the age of 14 he met Bernard-Marie LAUTE, a painter, photographer and filmmaker with a passion for modern painting. Thirsty for advice, he will then spend several days in his studio by his side. His influence will encourage him to persist. He quickly finds his universe, that of POP ART, on the border of Street Art and press cartoons, feeding on popular culture. His creations are conceived as homages to life and also to femininity, carnal and sensual. In 2018, he met with success thanks to his collaboration with Christophe PETYT, the manager of the JACKSON family.


Exhibiting his colorful canvases in major galleries in Brussels, Paris or Dubai, JOURNOU also exercises his art in the customization of various products in the field of luxury, haute couture or even on sculptures. He signs artistic collaborations with prestigious brands such as PRIVATE HAUTE COUTURE, BMW and EVENTS FAMILY. Several artists use By Journou creations such as Alex Goude, Chris MARQUES for the design of his jacket on the TF1 set in “DALS”, the famous cook NORBERT or Pascal OBISPO who exhibits one of his paintings in his living room. Without forgetting the humorist JARRY who wears customized sneakers and Hélène SÉGARA who ordered a custom painting from him. Painting is for him a means of expression and sharing. Whether his works are tasted, criticized or provocative, his art must be in motion and in effervescence.

Being an expert is an art

Being an expert is an art

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