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Martina Della Rocca is a French artist with Italian origins devoted to music and colorful art since her childhood. Since 2005 to 2011 as a student at L’Ecole du Louvre, she learnt and discovered great masters’ technics. Mostly doing copy, she challenged herself doing. 2012 is a crucial year in Martine’s artist life. She transformed her country house “La Bergerie” in Houx, into a guest house to live her passion: sharing experience and discovering people from everywhere. It was the opportunity to start doing her own art. The copy became creative paintings on large surfaces where she combines vibrant shapes and flamboyant colors. Considered as a contemporary painter, her work is at the service of an art open to the imagination.

Capture d’écran . 2023-03-21 à 12.49.40.png
NAPOLEON Acrylique 146-114 cm 2021.jpeg
Feu d_artifice 162-113 cm Acrylic 2015.jpeg

Mixed strength and joy emerging from her canvases, enable everyone to dream and have a very personal interpretation. “I paint to express my feelings at the moment where I express myself. It is mostly spreading joy through various shapes and colors. A painting belongs to the one who looks at it.” “I primarily work with acrylic on canvas, creating large-scale compositions to proclaim my love for life. My mood of the moment guides my color palette and the themes I address tend to take shape in the action of creating, imposing itself in exploded shapes complimented by flamboyant colors”.

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