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Valentin NGUYEN

I'm 36 years old and I've been passionate about street art for twenty years and I've been making projects. I started graffiti as a teenager with friends for the sole purpose of working with lettering and colour. The aim is to propose a strong idea to leave a message to the person who would look at the work, if only for a second. for even a second. By dint of hard work, interest, and encounters. I got as close as possible to the artistic conception. For the past ten years, I have been working on different supports other than walls and I have therefore also had to use more than the classical and undmissable aerosol spray. I first worked on canvas and then on clothes to make customs. I worked in neighbourhood associations for young people in the 18th arrondissement of Paris with youth workers in the context of making them discover activities ; with educators for young people in difficulty to get them to work on artistic projects in their neighbourhood. I also opened a graffiti course twice a week for 11 to 17 year olds in Paris. The exchanges with the young people were rich, because they had a lot of ideas and the aim was for them to join in making a work together. To do this, I had to organise preparatory meetings to go from the idea to the feasibility of the project. The exchange is essential because it is through dialogue that the imaginary becomes a feasible idea.

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Channelling energies, mastering the tools to be able to paint and improve team spirit. This artistic activity also appealed to the staff at the Montsouris clinic for patients. The aim was to create a work collectively under the gaze of the nursing staff. I opened up to events, neighbourhood parties, and parties for individuals, but also nightclubs for for private individuals, for event companies, for artistic performances in Body Painting or Live painting. Body painting is ephemeral and requires speed of execution, but also knowledge of human body to be able to play with it and make the work live for an evening. I have also collaborated with adults for seminars and schools to discover this art. I have made shop fronts (blinds), interior decorations for homes (bedrooms), atmospheric places (recording studio) and restaurants. I am always in an artistic research related to the listening of the customer or client's order. Everything is possible as long as the message of the work does not convey ideas contrary to the Law and Ethics. This art which was born to be ephemeral, I wish to give it a long life to accompany the passer-by, the inhabitant, the friend, the citizen. It must provoke dialogue, questioning, appeasement and joy.

Valentin NGuyen

Valentin NGuyen

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