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Originally from southern France, Fleur BLUME is a multidisciplinary artist who trained at the Beaux-Arts in Paris. Jack-of-all-trades, she has mastered oil, acrylic and spray painting as well as charcoal and engraving, among other things. Fleur BLUME’s style brims with dynamism and power, she is one of the few artists who work in various sizes, with canvases, murals and ephemeral performances being part of her daily life. Her art evolves with her travels, she designed sets for Broadway in New York and fell in love with street art in Barcelona, Belgrade and Casablanca. Each trip fosters artistic explorations, with the places, hues, sounds and styles encountered inspiring her work. In 2019, Fleur BLUME’s spirit gets her noticed, through many exhibitions in France and Mexico. In Paris, she showed her work at David Lynch’s Club Silencio, attended by the entire Parisian art scene. She also participated in an ephemeral and collective exhibition organized by Google at the Palais de Tokyo, the largest center for contemporary artistic creation in all Europe. It is known for hosting the Fédération de la Haute Couture de la Mode and Rick Owens’ shows dur- ing Paris Fashion Week.

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Driven by emotions, Fleur BLUME works with associations close to her heart. Her personal background and her travels shape her art, which revolves around the issues of incarceration, the ecological crisis and clothing-based gender bias. In 2020, the Institut Français de la Mode, a symbol of French culture, skill and excellence, chose her as a female artist for their docu- mentary Dress to Express. Today, Fleur BLUME continues refining her organic style by working more with raw colors and sharper contrasts. In September 2021, she performed at La Caserne (Paris), the largest accel- erator of ecological transition dedicated to fashion in Europe, funded by Kering and supported by LVMH and The Woolmark Company, during the Conscious Festival, an educational and fes- tive event on sustainability, regeneration and spirituality. Living between France and Greece, Fleur BLUME continues to express her commitments on murals or interior decors in public and private institutions, through strong imagery to awaken the audiences of today and tomorrow

Fleur BLUME - Silencio

Fleur BLUME - Silencio

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